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Your result for The Jung Type Death Note Test...


You scored 100% introversion, 79% intuition, 14% thinking, and 29% judging!


This personality test is heavily based on the Kiersey Sorter. In essence, it measures your personality across four variables: Introversion-Extraversion, Intuition-Sensing, Thinking-Feeling and Judging-Percieving. There are both positive and negative attributes to each of the traits.

Introversion-Extraversion: Generally, people who score high on "introversion" are reserved, quiet people who keep to themselves whereas people who score low on "introversion" are outgoing, friendly people who are extraverts.

People who score high on "intuition" are guided by gut instinct, they go on intuition as opposed to people who score low on this trait, who prefer to rely on established fact and their senses, rather than their own belief.

Thinking-Feeling: People with high scores on "thinking" rely more on their head to make decisions, whereas people who score low on "thinking" rely more on their heart to guide them. (Note: this has no bearing on a person's intelligence level; it merely refers to the way in which they make desicions.)

Judging-Percieving: People who score high "judging" are firm, decisisive people, whereas people who score low on this trait are flexible, accomodating people.


Stats: Approximately 4% of population.

DN characters with this type: Rem.

In a nutshell: "Performing noble service to help society."

Desciption: Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with. Extremely loyal. Adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Usually talented writers. Mentally quick, and able to see possibilities. Interested in understanding and helping people.

The category write-ups displayed here are not entirely my own; some of this info has been taken from personalitypage.com and some from changingminds.org, both of which are excellent sources of information about personality types. The test questions came in part from Please Understand Me II, another excellent source of information about personality types. Finally, if you'd like an incredibly detailed essay on your personality type, try typelogic.com who have a serious level of detail for anyone wanting to know more about this subject.

The Deathnote pics were made by me using scans by TOWNL and from deathgod.org. Thanks to LateNiteSlacker and Uchiha_Shadow for helping me categorize the various characters.

Want see who else you might have been, or what types the other DN characters are? For your own personal information...

Light Yagami
| L
| Near
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| Misa Misa
| Ryuk |
Rem |
Raye Penber |
Soichiro Yagami |
Matsuda |
Mogi |
Aizawa |
Ide |
Naomi Misora
| Rester |
Hal Lidner |
Mat |
Watari |
Sayu Yagami |
Kyomi Takada |
Teru Mikami

And typewise:


Thanks for taking my test, I hope you enjoyed!

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